Digital CSG’s 24/7 Online Patrol Ensures Power Supply for Critical Epidemic Control Institutions:
22 Different Online Resources/Services Available for Business & Leisure Customers

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2020-02-29

Shenzhen - In early February, the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen, one of the key medical institutions for treating the confirmed cases of COVID-19, applied for an installation of electrical service through the mobile phone services of China Southern Power Grid.

The following day, CSG Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau senior managers made an online confirmation of their proposal and contract for the hospital’s power supply.

With many safe and secure online services, China Southern Power Grid substantially enhance its substantial service efficiency and significantly reduce the likelihood of customers to be physically impacted by the coronavirus.

During this epidemic, China Southern Power Grid has also announced that electric power supplies to its clients will not be cut off for non-payment of bills.

In this on-going battle against the coronavirus outbreak, CSG senior manager continue to focus on the delivering uninterrupted electrical power for business and leisure customers - in particular assuring electricity to critical customers who have urgent needs because of the epidemic.

Concurrently, four online service measures - including one-click online service – have been launched to enhance the customer experience when applying through the network for 22 different types of resources and services.

During the recently concluded Spring Festival holidays, CSG also provided 24/7 online customer service.

Additionally, CSG staff have carried out round-the-clock online inspections of varied electric equipment that provide time-sensitive electrical power to medical institutions, epidemic prevention command and control centers, transportation management systems and emergency commands to ensure a consistent power supply.

CSG’s online customer service platform also provides more than 90 million customers with important services including electric bill accounting, business inquiry and management … as customers can now manage most of their business at home.

Over the past years, CSG senior managers and staff have been diligently constructing the new Digital CSG. The company is integrating its business with new information technologies (i.e. the convergence of Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, Mobile Internet and AI) to allow for fundamental changes in power generation, operation, management and service model to ensure smart power consumption.